Thursday, January 26, 2017

Girls, Do You Have This Problem? A Doctor Shares Simple Steps to Make Foul Smell From Your Private Part Go Away!

We all know that girl’s number one monthly headache is their menstruation. However, there is another problem that many women don’t like to talk about, the smelly private part.

Fortunately, Doctor Liza Ramoso-Ong, a well-known physician who often suggest and give health tips on Facebook has a solution to this problem experienced by mostly women. According to her, the main cause of this unpleasant smell is infection or either hormonal imbalance in one’s private part.

Below are Doc Liza Ong’s simple solution to this particularly embarrassing problem:


1. Taking a shower is important. Practicing regular hygiene will help keep your private parts clean. Using a pH cleanser as well as using and changing cotton underwear twice a day will absolutely make that unpleasant smell go away.

2. When washing, make sure to use mild soaps only. Doc Liza Ong claims that using scented soaps will just contribute to the unpleasant smell of your private part. Moreover, it also wash out the good bacteria essential to keeping your lady parts healthy.

3. Do you use fragrances to make your private part smell good? Well, you should stop because it will not help. In fact, it will just worsen the problem.