Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DEATH IN A BOTTLE: A Lot of People Use This Product Daily Without Being Aware That It Is Slowly Killing Them

We all know that regular use of hand sanitizers can protect us from dirt and bacteria.

It sounds pretty simple as an alternative to washing your hands with soap and water. It's quick, portable, and convenient, especially when you don't have running water nearby.

But after reading this, you’ll probably think twice before using this again!

Apart from eliminating germs and bacteria, hand sanitizers also destroy the good bacteria.

Triclosan, the active ingredient in hand sanitizer, can kill off the good bacteria on your hands and allow anti-biotic resistant bad bacteria to grow.

The good bacteria are essential for the immune system’s balance and they fight off the bad bacteria.

Meanwhile, a recent study finds that using hand sanitizer also increases the skin’s absorbtion of a dangerous chemical.


Bisphenol A (BPA) which is used to make clear plastic packaging for food and plastic bottles for drinks, disrupts the bodies hormones in a way that disrupts the endocrine system.

The Endocrine system maintains the organs and tissues, controls the body functions and produces hormones.

Studies have linked high amounts of BPA to hormone disorders, cancer, heart disease, infertility and even diabetes.

Most commonly used hand sanitizers contain chemicals that increases the ability of certain compounds to penetrate deep under the skin. But, when the good bacteria are destroyed, the immunity weakens and the ability to fight infection and inflammation is weakened too.

Therefore, you should avoid this product and use regular soap and water.