Sunday, February 26, 2017

Drink One Glass of Rice Water And See What Will Happen To Your Body

Women search the world over for beauty secrets from other cultures, and rice water may just be one of them.

This ancient Asian secret, the water remaining in the pot of boiled rice, has been used for centuries by women as a hair and skin treatment and even taken internally for health benefits.

Rice water is rich in beauty minerals and vitamins that make it fantastic for both skin and hair – a secret those flawless-skinned Japanese geishashave known for centuries.

Rice Water Benefits

  • Good source of energy
Rice water is rich in carbohydrates, and hence, an excellent source of energy. Drink a glass of rice water in the morning before heading out and you will never feel dizzy or weak due to lack of energy.

  • Prevents constipation
It is rich in fibre and facilitates smooth bowel movements. Also, the starch stimulates the growth of useful bacteria in the stomach promoting healthy bowel movement.


  • Prevents dehydration
In summer, the body tends to lose water and salts through sweat and, rice water helps replenish the lost nutrients and the water, reducing your chances of dehydration.

  • Home remedy for viral infections
Rice water is widely used as a remedy for fever as it prevents water loss due to fever and vomiting during an infection. It helps replenish the lost nutrients and speeds the recovery process.

  • Can manage diarrhea
Rice water proves to be an excellent home remedy to treat diarrhea, not only in adults but also infants. Infants are more prone to diseases like diarrhea and if not treated at the right time, can lead to severe dehydration.

How to Prepare Rice Water
  1. Cook a cup full of rice in three to four cups of water.
  2. Once the rice granules are half-cooked, strain the liquid.
  3. To this liquid, add some salt or sugar to taste.
  4. Drink while warm.