Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Did you know that sleeping position is very essential for maintaining a good physical and mental health?

Sleeping in the perfect position is important for the digestion, skin complex and the whole body.
According to some researchers, it is better to sleep on your left side, because sleeping on your right side can have an effect on the digestion process. Moreover, asthmatics should not sleep on their back.

Why You Should Sleep On The Left Side?

The reason for this is that the heart is able to pump blood more easily, the digestive tract works perfectly and the spleen is also functioning properly.

Dr. John Duillard explains in details the benefits of sleeping on the left side. Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, here are the dangerous reason why you shouldn’t sleep on your right side:

For Pregnant Women

1. Decreased blood flow in the uterus.
2. Some experts claim that this sleeping position can damage the placenta which is very important for baby’s health.
3. You also restrict the nutrients your baby can get through the food you eat.
4. Because of the few pounds more, sleeping on the right side for longer period of time can damage your liver which is dangerous.
5. The most dreadful effect of right side sleeping that it increased risk of stillbirth. The risk is greater during the final 3 months.

For Your Health

* Numbness: It is because most of your weight goes on one arm and the blood circulation is limited in that way. This condition is known as “rubber arm” because while you sleep you make a pressure on the nerves that cause needles and pins in your arm. If this unpleasant feeling happens almost every night, it can cause insomnia – sleeping disorder.

* Heartburn: This condition is very usual in pregnant women. However, adults can also suffer from heartburn and sleeping on your right side can worsen the problem.

* Precancerous: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is caused by heartburn and is bad for your health because it can cause cancer.

Make it a habit to sleep on your back or on your left side to avoid any health problems.