Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients - BEWARE!

Parents should pay attention to what they put on their children especially when it comes to choosing baby care products

Do a research on what is the safest product for your children, as many companies are selling cancer-causing baby product.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the most popular and largest manufactures of baby care products in the world. But recently, they admitted that their products include dangerous ingredients. The harmful toxins present in their products are damaging your baby’s skin and immune system.

The children’s immune system is tender and when exposed to toxins, they can develop health issues. This company’s product can irritate the skin of your child and damage their immune system.

If you look at the label of Johnson & Johnson products, you will see there are many ingredients you have never heard about before.

For example, 1.4-dioxane – a toxin linked to skin irritation, drowsiness, liver damage, headaches, and vertigo. It is a brain toxin than can damage the central nervous system, kidneys, and liver.


Quaternium-15, on the other hand, is another ingredient found in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, which is carcinogen. It releases formaldehyde, a known dangerous chemical that leads to skin, eye, and respiratory irritation.

According to sources from the government and industry, a great deal of the products for children that are labeled as gentle and non-irritating include ingredients that can cause allergies and skin or eye irritation.

This is a big problem, since the skin absorbs the chemicals in personal care products and allows them to get directly into the blood stream. That is why you should choose organic brands of skin care products.

Johnson & Johnson came out with a statement that they have started a process of removing these toxic chemicals from their products.

Meanwhile, the company has been ordered to pay more than $55m (£40m) in compensation to an American woman who says its talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer.

Gloria Ristesund, 62, said she used J&J talc-based powder products on her genitals for decades.

The company - which faces about 1,200 similar claims - insists its products are safe and says it will appeal.

Hence, it is better for your children to use more natural products, such as Burt’s Bees, Aveeno, BabyGanics, California Baby, and Little Twig.