Wednesday, February 1, 2017

These Codes Will Tell You Whether Your Being Tracked or Not Through Your Smartphone

Smartphones usage around the world is rapidly approaching 50% of the entire world’s population. It is commonly used for daily activities like chatting, shopping, banking, etc.

However, there are people who has been spying on smartphones like reading text messages, emails, and even watching our movements.

Therefore, with the help of these codes, you can find out more about the settings of your phone and work out whether or not your information and messages are protected and whether you’re being tracked.

Useful codes for smartphones:

  • *#21#
With this code, you can find out whether your messages, calls, and some other data are being diverted. This code is often set up by either jealous partners or parents who are trying to protect their children from criminals. Moreover, elderly people often become victims of this function when they lend their phone to a stranger to make a single call. If they do so, they risk having information about their daily activities, where they live, who their family and friends are, and even their financial state are passed on to criminals.


  • ##002#
It is a universal code for switching off all forms of redirection away from your phone. Use this code before you use roaming. Thus, money won’t be taken from your account for calls that are redirected by default to your voice mail.

  • *#62#
This code allows you to find out where calls, messages, and data are being redirected to. The chances in this case that your voice calls are being diverted to one of your cell phone operator’s number.

  • *#06#
With this code, you can find out your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). If you know your IMEI code, you can find your phone if someone steals it. When it’s on, the location is automatically transmit to the network operator even if a different SIM card is inserted. Moreover, if some knows your IMEI number, they can find out the model and technical characteristics of your mobile phone.

  • The James Bond Code
Furthermore, there are special codes that allows someone to track your location and also to determine if someone is following you. For this, you need the utility net monitor. Just type one of these following codes:

* For Android: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*
* For iPhone: *3001#12345#*

Step 1. Go to the section called UMTS Cell Environment, then UMTS RR info, and write down all the numbers under Cell ID. These numbers are the basic stations located nearby. Your phone will connect by default to the one that transmits the best signal.

Step 2. Go back to the main menu, and click on the MM info tab, then on Serving PLMN. Write down the numbers under Local Area Code (LAC).

Step 3. With the help of these two numbers and an ordinary website, you can determine the location on the map of the basic station that your phone is connected to.

The ones to be suspicious of are mobile basic stations — this could be a truck or small bus with a large antenna. These kinds of vehicles are used at rock festivals and in places where Internet coverage is poor. If there’s one of them nearby, seemingly without any logical reason, it’s just possible that someone is engaged in spying.

How can you protect yourself from spies and criminals?

  • Don’t install unknown programs on your phone. 
  • Don’t click on unsafe links, and don’t connect your phone to suspicious free charging points.
  • Determine what information is safe to make accessible to all.
  • Be careful when posting photographs of your children.
  • Use messaging apps that are completely closed to outsiders, such as Chare, Telegram, Wickr, or Signal. 
  • Only your device operator should ever offer you tracking services, and they should only turn them on with your precise agreement. 
  • Applications and websites that offer to find out the location of other people are certainly acting with criminal intent. 

Source: Brightside