Sunday, February 26, 2017

This Is Why It’s Good For Your Girlfriend to Fart in Your Direction. I Had No Idea How Important This Can Be!

This may sound strange, but some experts believe that farting is sexy. Usually, farting is embarrassing, but the reality, it happens to everybody.

Farting may result in a bit of awkwardness and might be nasty for the innocent bystanders who are subjected to it, but it’s really no big deal.

But what about when we are around someone we want to impress, like a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Most people tend to hold it in, particularly in the early stages of the relationship. According to some experts, this is exactly the wrong approach because farting in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend is good for the relationship, so never hold it in again!

Expert Leah DeCesare from Rhode Island has spent her career writing about long-term relationships and parenthood.

She believes that after people have been in a relationship for a longer period, they stop putting on a front and show their true color. This is a sign of trust and comfort. When people feel secure enough in a relationship, they should feel free to fart any time in front of each other.

She also believes that it should be considered as natural as crying, laughing or eating. She also points out that it is essential for women to show their partners that they also have to break wind once in a while. There are various reasons for this:


  • No secrets – It's only a fart but it can be symbolic of all the secrets people have when starting a relationship. If you don't feel the need to hide your gaseous emissions, why would you need to hide anything else? Or taken from the other perspective: if you're hiding your farts, what else are you hiding?
  • Inside joke – When a couple can laugh about a good fart, it shows that they both have the same sense of humor. This leads to situations and jokes that nobody outside of the relationship can understand. The relationship has its own secret form of communication and that makes it stronger.
  • Farting is sexy – This might sound strange, but many experts believe it. After all, aren't we particularly attracted to our partner when he or she arrives home all sweaty after a workout at the gym? There is nothing more intimate than sharing every private moment and dirty detail of your personality with another person. 
  • An exclusive relationship – When women release gas in front of their partner they are actually saying: “You are my one and only.” However, your partner should also be your best friend. This kind of openness puts the relationship to a higher level. Only people who are in an exclusive, comfortable relationship are willing to do things around their partner that they wouldn't do in public.

Leah DeCesare also believe that good fart can bring a couple closer together. It’s the perfect way to express how comfortable you are around your partner and can signal the start of a long and happy relationship.

Source: Hefty