Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Always Keep a Needle in Your Pocket, the Reason Will Surprise You!

We all want to become a hero of some sort in someone’s life when given the opportunity. When a person’s life is at stake, trying this method is the best option no matter how weird it may seem.

Stroke is one of the most popular causes of death or death attacks. It happens when the capillaries of a human brain begin to tear apart and the brain suffers from oxygen shortage that will causes brain cells to die.

When this happens, aid should always be alert and educated on what to do in a vulnerable situation.

Here is what you should do if somebody's about to have a stroke:


  • Don’t move his body at all cause.
  • You must produce a needle, a simple one will do if you don’t have a medical one (which is preferred), then light to be sterilized. After that, use the needle to prick each of the 10 fingers in the person’s hands just millimeters from the nail.
  • To keep the blood flowing through, prick the fingers a little rough or you can massage and tighten them in case of slow blood. This method will revive the consciousness of the person.
  • If their mouth is crooked, massage the ears until red to improve their blood flow. 
  • Also pierce the left ear of the person using the needle, you must ensure two blood drops from it so in a while, the nerves will come down and cause the end of the person’s twitching.
  • Lastly, take the person to the hospital once recovered.

Chinese have been practicing this method for centuries now and claimed 100% effectiveness.