Tuesday, March 28, 2017

BEWARE: Children’s Are Being Kidnapped For Their Internal Organs

Rumors about organ trafficking among children of 6 to 14 years old is again sweeping the internet which causes panic to parents. It is said that the children are being kidnapped and the kidnappers sell their internal organs for medical purposes.

According to July Anne Lazaro of Brgy. San Antonio, Paranaque City, an unidentified woman was spotted attempting to abduct a child. Luckily, the child escaped after alerting the locals in the area with his screams. The people immediately called the authorities for help.

The abductors who pretends to have a mental problem to get away of their crime. targeted children, as they are the easiest to kidnap and victimize.


One of the suspect was even seen outside a school to pick up children they wanted to kidnap.

In year 2011, it was reported in ABS-CBN that there are incidents of kidnapping two children and they believed that the abductors kidnapped them for their internal organs.

However, those two victims have managed to escape from their abductors. It is said that Kaye (victim) heard the voice of her deceased father, urging her to run away from her captors. However, another victim named Gerald, used a bottle to break the window of the van holding him captive.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary, Dinky Soliman, said that the motive of the abductors are not yet clear, but from previous cases, the victims are usually forced to work.

Moreover, even if these rumors are not yet clear, it is better for us to keep our eyes to our children.

Sources: DanifiedABS-CBN