Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FINALLY FOUND: The Wold's Healthiest Food for Stroke, Hypertension, Heart Attack and Choelsterol

Phoenix dactylifera, commonly known as date or date palm, is a flowering plant cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. It is a good source of various vitamins and minerals that provides energy, sugar and fiber.

Dates are not so well-known in some countries but it is gradually rising to fame due to its health-aiding properties and provisions.

Health Benefits of Dates

1.Stops diarrhea

Having diarrhea can be a very irritating feeling. You feel weak going in and out of the bathroom again and again. Luckily, dates are high in potassium which helps your metabolism function well. It eases the creation of gut bacteria that revents diarrhea from happening.

2.Cure for constipation

If it can cure diarrhea, it also does the same with constipation. Foods eaten will be much faster to digest. Dates are also laxative that performs well in case of lazy bowel movements.


3.Regulates bod weight

Since it helps in the process of your metabolism, dates also answer body weight loss, not totally but surely it well help. Its high proportion nutrients contribute in regulating your bowel movement.

4.Lowers cholesterol

Dates also lessen the risk of having blood clots in your veins that may lead to heart attack or stroke. Having high cholesterol mean your body is producing fatty deposits that may block your arteries’ passageway.

5.Excellent source of iron

Besides having high potassium content, dates are also rich in iron. This fruit is best for anemic people and in need of lots of iron. Eating about 100g of dates, 1/10 of a kilo is already equivalent to 0.90 mg iron or 10% of the recommended amount of iron for your body.

6.Reduce blood pressure

Dates have a lot of potassium content and a very little sodium in it that is why it is perfect for people with high blood pressure.

7.Protects against stroke 

Potassium is a great factor in regulating the nervous system, rightfully. According to studies, 100 mg of potassium which may be found in eating dates minimizes the chance of stroke by 10 percent. Eating more dates will give you a healthier lifestyle.

8.Strengthen the heart

Form your stomach, to your cholesterol, dates also care for the heart. To maintain a strong heart try at home just by you. Every night, soak dates with water. In the morning, remove the seeds and grind them in along with the water. Do this several times a day and transform your weak heart into a strong one.

9.Increases sexual stamina

Dates are also full-packed of energy variables. Eating a lot of it will take away your weakness and strengthens your body. Try consuming a handful of dates soaked in goat milk overnight for best results.