Monday, March 13, 2017

Here Are Things You Need to Know If You’re Going to MAKE LOVE When You Are on Your Period

Making love with your partner while you are on a period might sound nasty and messy. But, many couples do not mind it – they still want to do it during those days.

So, before getting to the deed, here are the things you must know before having period s3x.

  • You Still Need Condoms
You might think that not having condoms is the best part of period s3x, this is where you’re wrong. Though the chances of getting preggo is lower, you are more prone to contracting STI, also your partner might get an infection from your menstrual blood, so never skip on the condoms.

  • If you’re Squeamish, It’s not for you
Period s3x could be messy. It’s not exactly a bloodbath, but it will be everywhere – on your partner, on you, on the bed sheets. So if you get light headed by seeing blood, you can just simply not do it.


  • It’s going to be Slippery
No need for lubes. However, there are tendencies that it’s too slippery your partner’s tool might slip out more than the usual. So, get into a position where you will be comfortable.

  • Do It in the Shower or Get a Large Towel
Do it in the shower so there’s less fuss after the deed. If not, you can always sacrifice a towel.

  • It Will Only Benefit You If You Orgasm
Period s3x will shorten your period in general, alleviate your cramps and headaches. However, those benefits will only take place if you reach orgasm. Your muscles contract when you orgasm moves the blood out of your uterus, the hormones released when you come relieve your headaches, and the relaxation that comes with having your pelvic muscles release make the cramps less severe.

Source: Reader's Fill