Friday, March 10, 2017

Here’s Why You Need To Stop Eating Chicken Breasts With White Stripes On Them Immediately!

Loved for its leanness, adaptability and inoffensiveness, chicken is a popular meat all over the world.

In fact, many people actively choose to eat chicken over red meat because they believe it’s healthier. It is very popular because of its lower price than most pork or beef, ease of preparation, availability of convenience products, lack of religious constraints, and particularly for its recognized health benefits.

But as a result of changing practices in poultry farming, it turns out chicken is no longer as good for us as it once was.


According to The Italian Journal of Animal Science, there is an increasing of what’s called “white-striping” in conventionally-grown chicken breasts. This is a defect in which white striations appear parallel to the muscle fibers, and result in a drastic change in the nutritional quality of the meat.


White-stripping lowers the protein content of chicken breast while increasing the fat content by up to 224%.

However, the exact reason of this poultry epidemic is not known, it is likely a result of the intense genetic selection towards increased growth rate and breast size of conventional chickens, connected with the conditions in which they are raised and the diets that they are fed.

Problems with Conventional Poultry

  • Living Conditions
The conventionally raised birds are kept in cages for their entire lives, packed so tightly with thousands of other chickens that they can’t even open their wings. They are made to grow faster and improperly so that they are unable to support their body weight.

  • Hormones
Not only are they often fed soy based products, which increase estrogen levels, but the stress that each bird experiences because of their living conditions and fear experienced during slaughter increases the amounts of stress levels in their bodies. Steroid hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol end up in our meat.

  • Antibiotics
The use of antibiotics to lower rates of bacteria and illness in poultry ends up creating antibiotic resistant bacteria, which also ends up in our food. In their Antibiotic-Resistance Threat Report, the CDC found that 2 million Americans are infected by these bacteria each year, and at least 23,000 die as a result.

A new video by Compassion in World Farming has been released, aiming to educate the public about ‘white striping’ in chicken.