Monday, March 27, 2017

How To Lose Weight Fast (10 Kg In 10 days) Using Only 4 Ingredients

Almost everyone whether an adult or a teenager, struggle to lose weight. But, what if we tell you that losing weight is made easier? And you can do it in 10 days! All you need to do is balancing the food you intake every day.

This 900-calorie diet plan can facilitate quick weight loss in just 10 days.

Following ingredients for the diet:

  • Oatmeal – it helps to feel fuller for a long time and reduces the cravings. It helps to reduce the weight by reducing the intake of a lot of unnecessary food.
  • Apples – consists of fiber and act as natural fat blocker. You can have any variant of apple you prefer.
  • Green tea – in consists of antioxidant which helps to reduce accumulation of fat and free radicals in the body.


Calories from the ingredients:
  • Oatmeal 1 cup – 160 calories
  • 2 Apples – 230 calories
  • 6 Eggs – 450 calories
  • Green tea – 0 calories
  • Carrot + Cucumber – 60 calories

               Total = 900 calories 

Diet plan that should be followed for the next 10 days:

** Breakfast
- 3 boiled eggs
- 1 cup of green tea

** Lunch
- 3 boiled eggs
- 1 apple
- 1 cup of green tea

** Evening
- 1 apple
- 1 cup of green tea

In between the meals you can have carrots cucumbers or sprouts

** Dinner
- 1 bowl of oatmeal (add fruits, nuts, and flaxseed in it for better results)

** Night
- 1 cup of green tea just one hour before bedtime

Along with this diet is doing mild exercise or 15 minute fast walk every morning. Also, try to reduce intake of sugar and salt. This will help in the weight loss process.

This diet plan will surely help you lose 10 kg in just 10 days. So, give this a try and share it to everyone you know to help them lose weight quickly in the easiest way!!

Source: Minion Scoop