Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Men Have A Morning 'Secret' That Every Woman Should Know

There are some things in our control. And there are some things out of our control. With men, one of those out-of-control things usually makes an appearance in the morning, right at the day's beginning.

Men tend to have erections unconsciously in the morning, something that is often known as 'morning wood'. 

And the reason for that?

Many often believe that dreams of sexual fantasies cause it. But the reason could be deeper than just that.

According to a recent study, this phenomenon is nothing to do with s*x.

Morning wood is a natural process, which affects men of all ages – even infants. It is known as penile tumescence, and can be caused by various factors.

  • A direct result of wet dreams – it is usually the cause of morning wood, but it is not a generally accepted theory.


  • Morning wood = Pre-Boner – morning wood is also known as Pre-Boner as it goes down after going to the bathroom.

  • Our brain is responsible – during the REM sleep, parts of the brain are in sleep-like state, leaving our penis free to do what it wants.

  • Hormones – the testosterone levels in men are at their highest in the morning, which means that morning wood makes them real men.

  • The penis wants to be ready for action at all times – according to a theory, morning wood occurs because the penis wants to be ready for action at all times.

  • He rubbed against you – the penis get aroused by physical stimulation. So, if the body is pressed against something or someone, it responded by making the penis hard. This may be one of the causes of the phenomenon.

  • The erection comes once the brain tells the body that it’s ready – men are capable of holding an erection for hours, but this can be a painful experience as the penis can only hold blood for a limited time.

  • A good night rest is important – a proper sleep overnight (6 – 8 hours) is essential in order to be more productive the next day.

  • You may need to compromise as a couple – believe it or not, men are hornier in the morning, while women like to have s3x at night, so you might have to compromise.

  • Not working out or too much exercise affect your testosterone levels – balance is the key to keep the levels of this hormone steady. 

It's not like no one knows why it happens - science has actually spent time in figuring out why it happens. But all that is way too technical! What's important is to know, there's this phenomenon that does exist, so that, when the time comes, you don't wake up with an uncalled surprise.