Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Study Reveals: Mixing Ginger And Chili Creates A Powerful Combination Against Deadly Cancer!!

Ginger and chili are usually used as spice, which are commonly seen in our kitchen. However, they not only add spice and flavor to our dish – they can also be used to treat various diseases.

A recent study has found that these popular spices have properties that significantly reduce the mice’s chance of developing lung cancer, due to their ability to bind to a receptor that is also responsible for tumor growth.

According to the online Journal of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, capsaicin, a compound in chili peppers, and 6-gingerol, a component in ginger, could work together to lower the risk of cancer, possibly because 6-gingerol binds to capsaicin to form a super-strong compound, which inhibits key tumor-growing receptors.

Powerful Spices You Need In Your Diet


  • Ginger
While ginger and chili have cancer-kicking abilities together, these two spices also impressively powerful, on their own. Ginger contains chromium, magnesium, and zinc, which help to maintain healthy and normal blood flow. Moreover, The American Pregnancy Association recommends consuming ginger in different forms, such as tea or jam to help curb morning nausea brought on by pregnancy. However, Columbia University researchers say that ginger paired with bronchodilating medications, can help to relax the smooth muscle surrounding airways.

  • Chili
As for chili, capsaicin, the same compound that gives chili peppers their hot flavor, also inhibits a brain pain transmitter, which can help to reduce headaches and prevent inflammation. Moreover, chili pepper contains 108% of the vitamin C daily requirement per tablespoon, which can help to improve the immune system.

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