Monday, March 27, 2017

The Amazing First Ever Water Supplemented Stove Invented By A Filipino!

Nowadays, our society has been raising the bars for economic prices. Unfortunately, almost everyone including Filipinos are having a hard time catching up with the increasing demands.

Everyone struggles now and again with payments; add that up to electricity and water bills, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Additionally, sudden price hikes of food and gasoline in the market causes headaches, too.

But, despite all of those killer-economic problems, there some Filipinos who, through their own innovativeness, created products that benefit us all and help out our surroundings.


One inventor from Cotabato made our life a little easier in the cooking department by creating the first ever water-supplemented stove! It can run with the help of water or ‘any liquid as long as it will not emit CO2.’

This invention helps one of the environmental concerns, combustion of fossil fuels, to reduce and lessen it greatly.

Not only this creation can be used as a cooking tool, it can also be accustomed as a car engine fuel.

Here’s the viral video that was uploaded last October 13, 2016, hopefully, this will aid you to understand this amazing and beneficial invention.