Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Drink Causes 7 Types of Cancer But Most People Consume it Everyday and It’s Dangerous Even in Small Amounts!

Most people probably don’t know that drinking any kind of drinks with alcohol content can increase the risk of developing cancer in our body.

But don't worry because not everyone who consumes alcohol will develop cancer. According to scientist, some cancers are more common in people who drink more alcohol than others.

How does alcohol increase the risk of cancer?

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer. Based on date from 2009, an estimated 3.5% of all cancer deaths in the United States (about 19,500 deaths) were alcohol related.

A recent study suggests that there is a strong connection between alcohol drinking and several types of cancer.

Alcohol drinks break down ethanol to acetaldehyde, which is a toxic chemical and a probable human carcinogen. However, it can damage the DNA and proteins.


Moreover, alcohol impairs the body’s ability to break down and absorb a variety of nutrients. This can also be linked to cancer risk. Alcohol consumption increases blood levels of estrogen, a s3x hormone linked to the risk of breast cancer.

Alcohol drinks contain a variety of carcinogenic contaminants, such as which asbestos fibers, phenols, nitrosamines, and hydrocarbons, which are introduced during fermentation and production.

Cancer Types Caused By Alcohol Consumption

  • Head and Neck Cancer
Certain head and neck cancer may be triggered by alcohol consumption. In particular, cancers of the oral cavity (excluding the lips), pharynx (throat), and larynx (voice box). People who consume more than 50 grams of alcohol per day are at greater risk of developing some of these cancers. Furthermore, the risk is even greater for people who combine alcohol and tobacco.

  • Esophageal Cancer
Alcohol consumption seems to be a major risk factor of a particular type of esophageal cancer, known as esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

  • Liver Cancer
Liver cancer or hepatocellular can also be caused by alcohol consumption.

  • Breast Cancer
Studies have found the connection between alcohol consumption and the risk of breast cancer in women. So, women who drink more than 45 grams of alcohol per day have the risk of developing breast cancer. Furthermore, according to a study conducted by the Million Women Study in the United Kingdom, every 10 grams of alcohol consumed per day was associated with a 12% increase in the risk of breast cancer.

  • Colorectal Cancer
The risk of colon and rectum cancer in increased by alcohol consumption. People who consumed 50 or more grams of alcohol per day have a greater risk of developing colorectal cancer.