Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Want To Attract Money In Your Life? Place This Plant Inside Your Home Now!

A popular indoor plant called Jade plant or also known as “Money Plant” is a native in South Africa and is a common houseplant, worldwide. From the name itself, it is believed to bring many blessings and abundant money in many homes.

The root of it all was with a Taiwanese legend where according to some sources.

There was a farmer who believes so much in superstitions. He put all his time and effort into his small piece of land but unfortunately, his small valley never prospered. Until one day, he noticed a small and peculiar plant besides his field.

He believed so much that the unique plant was sent by God to end his agony and help him to finally be rich and wealthy in life. So, he decided to take good care and cultivate the plant.

While the days passed on, he became curious about it and decided to do some studying and researching for the infamous plant.


He discovered that the said plant was pliable and didn’t require much attention to prolong its life. It can defy any certain weather condition even dryness and low light.

After gaining this valuable information, he propagated the unique plant from seeds and sold it to the market. The farmer was shocked and couldn’t believe that the plant was gone within seconds!

Thus, the plant was named the Good luck Money Tree. Some called it the Money Plant for it was known to bring good luck and fortune just like it did to the poor and threadbare farmer.

For it to be more efficient, feng shui experts listed down directions:
  • Set it east for health benefits, study pursuits and close family ties.
  • Place the plant southeast for abundant flow of money.
The Jade Plant is recommended to be placed in the dining area, office and living room and is prohibited to be located in the bathroom and bedroom for it reverses its effect and brings unfortunate luck.