Friday, March 10, 2017

WARNING PARENTS: A Five-Year-Old Girl Suffers Horrific Burns After Playing This Famous Video Game

Recently, the Russian police have investigated a sinister game that instructing children on how to become a “fire-fairy” by secretly turning on the gas rings on their kitchen cookers.

This awful social media scam is created to look like a harmless prank modeled on famous animated series – Winx Club: School of Witches.

It is aimed at young girls, teaching them that if they turn on the gas burners on their stove and repeat the magical words, they will become a fire-fairies.

A five-year-old little girl Sofia Ezhova, was severely burned after switching on their gas oven while playing the game.

According to the social media post:

“At midnight when everybody is asleep, get up from your bed and go around the room three times, then say the magical words: "Alfey kingdom, sweet little fairies, give me the power, I'm asking you.

"Then go to the kitchen silently, so no one notices you or the magic of the words will disappear. Switch on the gas stove, all four burners. But do not light it. You don't want to get burned, do you?

"Then go to sleep. The magic gas will come to you, you will breathe it while sleeping and in the morning, when you wake up, say: "Thank you Alfeya, I've become a fairy." And you will become a real fairy of fire."


Lt-Col Andrei Tutuev said that, the horrifying game was highlighted by police following complaints from parents in the Vladimir region of Russia.

The state investigator, Irina Minina warned that it could be some kind of 'suicide game' while the Russian Investigative Committee believes that the real aim may be to spark panic among parents.

Meanwhile, one Russian search engine had tens of thousands of requests in the last month from children on “how to become a fairy”.

One mother shared her experience about this matter saying, “I woke up in the night and felt the strong smell of gas. My daughter, seven, had just left the kitchen and went to her room. It turned out that she had read on the Internet that to become the fairy of fire you need to go to the kitchen when everyone is asleep and switch on the gas oven. If I had not gone to check, our family of eight would not wake up in the morning. I talked to her and she promised not to hide her plans from me and tell me everything.”

According to the reports, a company called Rainbow is responsible for the Winx Club brand on social media in Russia.

CEO Iginio Straffi appealed to the Moscow prosecutor’s office to demand criminal action against the creators of the social media scams.

"Rainbow deeply regrets the distribution of material, which apparently contains instructions for committing suicide and uses Winx Club characters," he said.

"The company Rainbow, which products are aimed at promoting the values of kindness in children, is shocked by such cynical materials apparently aimed at causing harm to children."

However, MP Irina Yarovaya called such incitement to death, as the “remote manipulation of the human consciousness” and said existing laws were inadequate. “It is being done not by amateurs, but professionals,” she said.

Source: Metro Uk