Thursday, April 13, 2017

After Reading This, You Will Surely Stop Wearing Skinny Jeans - You Must Read This Especially #3!

Everybody loves and, of course, owns a pair of jeans especially, skinny jeans which is quickly becoming the trend for today’s generation. It remains popular up to now because of its elegant looking and fashionable style.

Although, it is not that comfortable, we still choose to wear because it makes the legs look longer and firmer.

But, are you aware that wearing skinny jeans is not good for our health? It causes unwanted health problems that may affect our body’s function.

Here are the conditions caused by wearing extremely tight skinny jeans:

Meralgia paresthetica also called as “The Skinny Pants Syndrome”

This condition develops when a nerve, a system, or nervers are constrained by skinny jeans. These are responsible to the supply and movement of blood in the extremities experience compressed sensation on the high region. This will cause numbness or pain on the outer thigh, not caused by injury to the thigh, but by injury to the nerve that extends to the spinal column to the thigh.



While wearing and ill-fitting tight pants, you are at risk t outing excessive pressure on the abdomen. The stomach is displaced outward resulting in heartburn.

Infertility among men

Men who wear super tight skinny jeans may suffer from a condition known as testicular torsion. It is a condition wherein testicles may twist in an abnormal position. He will experienced reduce blood circulation in the groin area leading to further testicular damage which may cause extreme pain.

Urinary problems

Tight jeans constrict the blood flow to the groin region and put immense pressure on the bladder resulting in exacerbation of existing bladder infections.

Lipoatrophia semicircularis

This condition is characterized by lesion or indentations on certain areas on the thighs. Lipoatrophia semicircularis is also known as “Ribbed Thighs.” If you remain seated for a long period of time, lesions or depressions may appear on the thigh.