Saturday, April 15, 2017

DOCTORS: This Is The Reason Why More And More People Wake Up With Swollen Arms And Feet - Solve The Problem Before It Is Too Late!

Once in a while, we find ourselves having swollen hands and feet with no reasons.

Besides going to the doctor and them giving us prescribed medicine, they don’t really explain the situation well for us on why these kinds of conditions happen.

So, in result, we can't avoid thinking the worst. But, these are really the reasons:

  • Dehydration
Swelling of the limbs is caused by dehydration this is because of the insufficient amounts of water in the body. Our body starts to store the remaining amount of water thus; the level of body water reduces to minimum.

  • Sleeping posture and duration of sleep
There are positions we comfortably sleep in. Little did we know, some can be harmful for our bodies. For instance, if we sleep on the stomach or on the side causes our joints to ache. Also, not having enough sleep or insomnia can lead to swollen arms and legs.


  • High level of sodium
Too much salt consumption can lead to swelling. It increases the sodium levels in the body thus, enables our body to detain water.  So, it is advised to lessen salt consumption.

  • Kidney diseases
Kidney diseases often times contribute to swelling in the arms and legs. The kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering the harmful ingredients and toxins out of the body. If you are suffering from kidney diseases, your body starts to detain water instead of filtrating.


  • Compresses
Warm and cold compresses are advisable. Cold compress is applied when the swelling is the result of an allergy or some internal problem

  • Massage
Who doesn't want to get a massage? All we want is to relax and eliminate the aches on our bodies. But remember, massaged gently the painful areas, with slow, circular motions instead of using pressure.

  • Compressive materials
To circulate your blood freely, you are advised to wear clothes from compressive materials. For your swelling hands, for example, use tights or socks and compressive gloves.