Thursday, April 13, 2017

Drink This And Say Goodbye To Gastritis And Possible Stomach Cancer

The stomach is an internal organ where the biggest part of the digestion occurs and is locate between the area of the small intestine and the esophagus. .

The acids in the stomach contain low levels of pH, which is just about enough to destroy the bacteria that enter our bodies through all the food we consume.

Say Goodbye to Gastritis!

This is how the intestinal tract is protected from all the infections that may cause diarrhea. But unfortunately, this organ is prone to other things, actually diseases and infections, such as gastritis, heartburn, losing the appetite, bloating, bleeding and epigastric pains.

The gastritis is the one disease that can be triggered by some particular factors such as an excessive amount of alcohol, smoking, unhealthy dietary habits, chronic stress, excessive use of difficult medications, and a pylori infection.


While there are many controversial therapies for the gastritis, most of the drugs used to treat it cause some harmful side effects, which are definitely not comfortable to experience.

Thankfully, in this case, you can use several natural great home remedies which can relieve you from the gastritis and still will not show any side effects.

In addition we give you some remedies that you may try in the comfort of your own home.

1. Rice water – take two handfuls of rice and cook them in water. Strain the water, and then let it cool down. Then drink the rice water to relieve you from your gastritis and heartburn.

2. Pear and ginger – simply blend together these two ingredients and enjoy a healthy smoothie. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that fight off the dangerous bacteria in the stomach.

3. Celery and carrot juice – blend together two carrots, a few celery sticks and a bit of water. This is a veggie smoothie which will relieve you from the gastritis.

4. Parsley water – just blend in some parsley with a little water until you get a smooth mixture. You can drink the parsley water every day and keep it in the fridge if you want to.

5. Apple and chamomile – take one apple, then peel it and slice it. Put the slices in a pan, pour some water in and add some fresh chamomile flowers. Boil the mixture and then let it cool off for a while. Drink this liquid every day.