Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gynecologist Surgically Removes Cow Tongue From Woman’s V@gina After She Complained Of Foul Smell!

A young lady had a horrifying experienced as a result of her partying and authorized her doctor to share it to warn others.

Recently, doctors at the Alabama Woman’s Health Hospital were shocked by this strange case of a young woman who came to their clinic.

 Dr. William Wright recalls the 27-year-old who came in last week as a sort of shy and timid girl – until he found something that proved him wrong.

“The young girl had an appointment scheduled with me for a problem she said had been occurring for over a week. It was a foul smell in the genital area that was concerning her the most. She thought she might have some type of bacterial infection,” Dr. Wright told Now8News.

“But, when I examined her, I saw something I have never seen in the 30 years I’ve been practicing medicine. The stench was horrifying.”


When he inserted the speculum to begin his exam, he saw something poking out towards him. He tried to remove it, but it wouldn’t move. Dr. Wright knew an immediate surgery needed to happen, so the woman immediately was transported to a nearby hospital.

After the surgery, Dr. Wright explained, the object in her vagina was a rotting cow’s tongue. No one has any idea how it got there! So, he waited for her to awake from anesthesia to find out what really happened.

Meanwhile, a friend of her who rushed to her side for support told the Doctor what really happened.

“Remember that night two weeks ago when we got really drunk with those guys? That guy said he wanted to ‘try something different’ with you, and you said ‘ok’. You went to the bedroom, and he went to the fridge. He pulled out what looked like a package of meat. I had no idea what was going on and figured it was none of my business. You must’ve been real drunk!”

The young lady gave her permission to Dr. Wright to tell her story on Now8News in order to raise awareness that being that drunk is definitely not OK. She suffered a mild infection which was quickly resolved, and she is now in good condition.

The moral of the story is to always be responsible and be smart and think about something before doing it to avoid some serious consequences.