Monday, April 17, 2017

If You Have These Two Holes On Your Back, You Are Really Special, Here's Why!

As different individuals, we have unique and special characteristics that separate us from all the others, whether it is through all different kinds of personalities to physical attributes. Some people are one of a kind because of their back and the meaning behind it.

The thing where some people have unique and awesome holes on their lower back, those individuals are considered special. But, do you know the what it means?


The symmetrical holes are seen at the lower back of the person. These are referred to as “Venus Holes.” For the male it is called “Apollo Holes.”

It is a value or a mark of allure and beauty. These are seen at the lower back connecting the two bones to the pelvis.

It can be seen from the people who have large sized ligaments and has genetic characteristics. It is also said to be a good sign of circulation in the human body which helps in the easier orgasm of an individual.