Sunday, April 30, 2017

Papaya Leaf For Dengue Prevention And Detoxifying The Liver

We are all aware that papaya fruit is packed with all kinds of nutrients and health benefits. As time passes by, experts discovered that papaya leaf contains medicinal properties that can detoxify the liver and is effective for the prevention of dengue symptoms and cancer.

Additionally, papaya leaf juice is the best natural remedy that can be used to fight the increasing severe diseases which are non-curable.

Benefits of Papaya leaf juice:
  • Support liver
  • Blood platelets production
  • Supports the digestive system
  • Prevents diseases

Procedure for Papaya leaf juice:
Since the papaya leaf leaves a bitter taste, it is recommended to be mixed with fruit/s.

1.Prepare the materials like blender, papaya leaf/leaves, purified water, glass, strainer and any fruit you decide.
2.Cut the papaya leaf in small pieces.
3.Put the papaya leaf first and small amount of water for blending.
4.Use the strainer to separate the residue from the extracted juice.
5.Mix the extracted juice and fruit into blending container and then blend.
6.Put in a clean glass and you may now enjoy the benefits of papaya leaf juice.

Source:The Health Center