Monday, April 3, 2017

She Was Drinking Carrot Juice Every Morning For 8 Months, And Then the Unthinkable Happened!

Ann Cameron had an operation when her cancer was in the third stage. She was informed about this disease since her husband died from lung cancer, even he underwent chemotherapy treatments.

Six months after the surgery, the doctors told Ann that her disease is now at stage four and has spread to the lungs.

Ann decided to seek salvation in alternative medicine. She searched the internet and fortunately found the story of Ralph Cole, who cured his skin cancer with carrot juice.


He prepared carrot juice from 2.5 kg carrots and consumed it every day.

Ann decided to try this natural remedy. She drank even doses throughout the entire day. After 2 months, her cancer stopped spreading, the tumors and the swelled lymph glands were reduced.

Another two months passed, her glands were completely normal and the size of the tumors continued to reduce.

Amazingly, eight months after Ann started consuming carrot juice, the tomography scan didn’t find any signs of cancer!

Carrots are loaded with fatty alcohol and carotene, which have the ability to prevent tumor formation.

Ann shared her experience on a blog in order to help other people who suffer from cancer.