Sunday, April 2, 2017

This Remedy Can Help You Grow Your Hair Fast

Does your hair struggles to grow or lack of shine?

Increasing your hair can be extremely annoying, particularly when your hair have a tendency to grow slowly.

However, this remedy can help you with that problem. The good thing about this remedy is that it does not need a huge number of salon products and expensive vitamins.

What you need in order to grow and keep a long hair is just common sense, perseverance, and a little patience.

Vaseline is the best remedy to hydrate and nourish your scalp. It also stimulates sturdier hair growth, because a nourish scalp can actually help you to prevent hair damage and a lot of split.


How Use Vaseline

Put on a very light amount of Vaseline to the ends of your hair in order to stop the damaging split ends and massage your scalp using some amount of Vaseline.

The stimulation of the scalp has been effectively great in boosting the growth of hair. However, the best way to apply this remedy on the scalp is in the evening before going to bed and leave it until morning before washing it.

After smearing Vaseline, softly massage your scalp in a circular motion, this will help your hair roots to become stronger. Vaseline is extremely slimy, so if you ever feel that your shampoo is not enough in order to eliminate it completely, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda in your shampoo bottle and use it.

Note: Make sure not to do this in more than once in a week.