Saturday, May 6, 2017

10 Things Women Do That Men Don't Find Attractive And Usually A Huge Turn Off

Women notice most of things that going around them, they are deeply observe tings whether it's make up or things that men do that they really don't like.

Women are not the only one who have disappointment in opposite sex, men too. There are certain things men wish women should stop doing but they don't want to share this with you because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

Asking men what's they thinking about and they answer "nothing", there is really something going in their mind that they don't want you to know. Read further below, to find out what are the secret very men keeps, that they don't want to tell women about it.

1. Extreme Hairstyle
Men prefer long, soft and natural hair. Going for a overdo hairstyle is not something men look forward too.

2. Too Much Make up
Simplicity is beauty for men, the same with hairstyle they don't like you to put excessive make up on your face. Lightly powdered face are good for them, remember that in make up "less is more."


3. Artificial Lashes
This is related to the one mentioned above, never use artificial eyelash or put on too much mascara.

4. Shiny Makeup
Instead of using highlighters or shiny tones makeup, use matte instead as men prefer this way.

5. Yellow Teeth And Bad Breath
Stained yellow teeth and bad breath will turn off everyone towards you. Good oral hygiene is a must, it give a high level of attractiveness in men.

6. Poor Personal Hygiene
Broken nails and not shaved legs are things that looks unattractive to men. And having a good personal hygiene doesn't only attracts men but also benefit on your overall health.

7. Dry Or Greasy Skin
This will put men off. Keep your skin healthy and well hydrated to lessen your skin type whether it's dry or oily type of skin.

8. Retouching your makeup in public
Don't fix your make up in front of them, they are not interested on how those things goes.

9. Dark Lips
Dark lipstick will put most men off as this lipstick will accidentally stain your teeth.

10. Too much perfume
A mild and little scent of perfume and colognes are just enough for men to crave for you always. Using too much won't please men. Choose scents that your prefer and spray it on specific parts of your body such as in wrist, neck, behind ears that will give you mild scents that is not put men away. Do not put it on your clothes.