Wednesday, May 3, 2017

10 Things Women Doesn't Know About Men Especially With Their Manhood

Women thinks that all men just want sex all the time especially if they see the tent they building every morning. But this is just a little part of men and the other things usually hidden from you.

Do you want to know what your man is hiding from you? Maybe he just having a steamy dream that makes him feel intimate and his body responds from it or he just need to pee?

However, this is not what the science shows. Morning wood is a natural phenomenon that experience by men of all ages.

1. Wet dream
Men says it generally caused by wet dreams. But this is the kind of excuse that are not accepted by science.

2.Morning wood = pee-boner
Morning wood is also known as pee-boner subside or it goes down after you went to the comfort room to pee.

3.Our brain is responsible
In the REM stage of our sleep, penis does what it want while our brain is in a sleep-like state.

In the morning, the testosterone levels of men are at their highest, it mean that morning wood will make them feel their masculinity as a real men.

5.The penis wants to be ready for action at all times
According to a one theory, morning wood rises because the penis wants to be ready for action at all times.

6.He rubbed against you
Of course, physical feeling and fires up it arouses the penis and may be one of the causes of the phenomenon just a simple touch of the skin can result to this.

7. The erection comes once the brain tells the body that it’s ready
Did you know that men are capable of holding their erection for hours, but this can be a painful method, as the penis can only hold blood for a limited time.

8. It means that you’re healthy
A morning wood shows that your testosterone levels are fine and is an indication of good health.

9. You may need to compromise as a couple
Women is horny at night while men are in the morning, so you should both agree to meet half way.

10.Your man is not the only one with an erection overnight
Men has the average of 4-5 erections overnight.

Source: Fhfn