Saturday, May 6, 2017

10 Ways To Beat Hot Summer Nights

Having sleepless nights? Not because you are having an insomnia but because it's too hot, you can't sleep. You are trying everything, you even take a bath to beat the heat but nothing helps, it makes you angry and irritated.

Summer is great for having a good vacation at the beach. However, there would be a horrible turn of events when you sleep at night. The humidity and the heat makes you sweat and uncomfortable on your bed. 

Since the season change doesn't care about your needs, whether you prefer a nice cold evening. You need to find ways yourselves to make those long hot nights bearable.

Here are 10 ways you can beat summer nights.

1. Keep air flowing
You need a proper ventilation in your room. Fan should be facing in the window and place your bed between the two.

2. Upgrade your sheets
Get some bright or light colored sheets and also lightweight, this will keep you bed ventilated and not suffocated with heat.


3. Keep a cool head
Choose firm pillow because fluffy ones traps heat.

4. Keep comfy
Ear loose clothing and cotton nightdresses. It will keep you body cool at night.

5. Try damp hair
Damp your hair before you go to bed, extra moisture will give you another cooling sensation.

6. Stay low
During hot nights, it is recommended that you should stay low or sleep in the floor. Warm air rises so the floor is much more cooler than your bed, and your mattress often trap heats too.

7. Freeze a bottle
A cold water bottle in your head will soothe the heat feeling of your body.

8. Use a cool cloth
Freeze a damp flannel or you can use towel and put it on your head or wrapped it around.

9. Cold feet
Soak your feet in cold water before you go to sleep. This causes the pulse points in your feet to cool down a bit and reduces heat temperature of the body.

10. Create a cool breeze
Beating the summer nights is simple, all you need to do is to be more creative to satisfy your needs. Hang a wet or damp towel over your window and let the window do the rest for you.

Source: Healthy Page 4u