Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Natural Remedies To Remove Scars Forever

Some scars has some stories, some may make you look tough, but some are just embarrassing. You can get it from various reasons such as insect bites, acne, burns, chickenpox, scrapes, surgical cuts and vaccinations.

When the skin is injured, scar tissues forms over or around the wound to protect and repair it, and this would lead to the formation of scars. Scars comes with all shapes and sizes and can truly affect your physical appearance, especially it is in visible areas like legs, hands, arms or on your face.

Human body can normally heal scars and gets it lighter in time. Luckily, there are natural home remedies to help you speed up the process of lightening and eliminating scars.

5 Home Remedies For Scar Removal

1. Coconut Oil
Due to the high content of vitamin E which is a good antioxidant, it accelerates healing time of scars and prevent it's formation as well. The capric, lauric and caprylic acid present in coconut oil stimulates collagen production that aids in healing of damage skin.
  • Heat some extra-virgin coconut oil in a pan
  • After cooling, put warm oil on your palm and massage onto the affected area of your skin for 5-10 minutes
  • Leave it for about 1 hour, so the skin truly absorbs the oil
  • For effective results, repeat 2-4 times daily

2. Honey
This is a natural skin moisturizer, it also prevents accumulation of dead skin cells and stimulates rejuvenation of skin tissues.
  • Apply honey on your scar, cover with bandage and leave it overnight
  • The next morning, wash off with warm water
  • Repeat regularly everyday, before going to bed
3. Lemon
It contains alpha hydroxy acids which has excellent healing properties that can treat all types of scars. Vitamin C helps lighten and repair skin damage.
  • Apply lemon juice on the affected area of your skin
  • Leave for 10 minutes and rinse afterwards
  • Do this once everyday until you see the scar fades
4. Vitamin E Oil
This helps to fade scars due to it's antioxidant properties. It moisturize and hydrates skin that helps repair damaged tissues.
  • Using vitamin E capsules, put the oil onto the scar
  • Massage gently for 10 minutes and leave it for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash with warm water and do this for several times a day to get best results
5. Aloe Vera Gel
Because of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it improves skin health which helps in the regeneration of skin tissues and repair damaged skin.
  • Peel the aloe vera leaf and scoop out gel-like substance out of it
  • Apply the gel onto your scar and massage in circular motion
  • Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off
  • Apply twice daily