Tuesday, May 9, 2017

9 Habits You Do Everyday That Seriously Damages The Kidney

Kidney is one of the vital organ in your body. This is your body's purification system, it detoxify and eliminate harmful substances from your blood and discharged through urine.

This is such an amazing part of kidney's function, did you know that your kidney can still properly function up to 90% even if you lose the other kidney. But it shouldn't be the excuse which people make, to overlook the health of kidney.

Over 20 million people in the U.S are suffering from kidney diseases. Kidney damage usually occur because of bad habits.

1. Alcoholic Drinks
Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages are proven to enormously damage your kidney overtime.

2. Restraining to pee
Holding the need to go the comfort room, often cause pressure which can cause kidney failure that will develop in kidney stones.


3. Lack of water intake
Drinking water regularly is the most excellent method for your kidney to function well. This can help to eliminate waste and prevent kidney damage.

4. Excessive consumption of sugar
Intake of high sugar level drinks can lead in building protein in your urine which is not good for health. Proteins in urine is one of signs of complications in kidney.

5. Eating salty foods
Sodium is also one of the contributing factors that lead in kidney damage, because it often increases blood pressure rate.

6. Too much intake of painkillers
Medical prescription you can often get in drugstores are treatment for pain and aches, but they contain harmful chemicals that leads to kidney complications. And excessive intake side effects is severe kidney failure.

7. Lack of taking up Vitamins and Minerals
In order for your kidney to work properly, vitamins can help with the process in making it healthy. Vitamins and minerals that are important for kidney's health includes vitamin B6 and magnesium.

8. Too much Coffee
Caffeine consumption can cause stress kidney and increases blood pressure and too much of it can lead to kidney failure.

9. Wakefulness and sleeping late at night
Lack of sleep at night can cause numerous health problems and one of those is kidney damage, you need to rest well to repair the damage in your kidney tissues.