Friday, May 19, 2017

ATTENTION! Parents Should Know About This: Silent Killer We Have At Home And Even Your Kids Use This

In these modern day society, almost everyone is interested in using internet. In this is made easier with Wi-Fi, this is a wireless network in which you can connect many devices without using cable wires to get internet connection. And mobile phones are usually benefit from it.

Wireless devices such as phones and tablets connect online with the help of routers. Using these overtime affects and harm the body and plants as well. These devices discharges Wlan signals or electromagnetic waves which seriously damage human health.

British Health Agency manage to do a study with routers that affects growth of both people and plants.


Consequences of Wi-Fi exposure:
-Intense headaches
-Sleep Issues
-Concentration Issues
-Chronic Fatigue

However, this is something that we cannot avoid doing. Surfing the net is already a part of the daily routines of each individual on earth. Therefore, we cannot advise that you should refrain from using Wi-Fi, but you can limit the time as useful tips to reduce it's harmful effects on your health.

Additional Tips:
  • Always check and turn off routers before going to sleep
  • Do not place routers in kitchen or in your bedroom
  • Use devices with cables when at home such as PC or laptops to lessen your exposure in elegtromagnetic waves
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use, this can prevent electromagnetic waves which can harm children's growth