Sunday, May 7, 2017

Doctors Uses A Water Animal Skin To Treat Her Burn Wounds And The Results Are Amazing

Maria Ines Candido sa Silva, 36 year old woman who suffered from a second degree burn from her workplace, when a gas cooker canister exploded. She survived burns from her neck, arms and face.

Reports says she is the first ever to be treated with fish skins for her burn wounds. Her doctors, propose another alternative method to treat her using traditional ointments with the skin of a Tilapia fish.

Experts chose Tilapia skin because it is loaded with collagen and high level of humidity that helps in the rapid process of healing with the use of it's essential proteins.

In October, doctors starting to dressed her wounds with the skin fish and has been proven to have an outstanding effect on her recovery which reduce the trauma of her skin that suffered by the burn she gets.


Maria never regret anything when she agree to her doctor about the alternative method for a modern technology treatment of her condition.
As part of the treatment, the patient has to shower everyday using an anti-bacterial soap. Her fish bandages should be changed daily to keep to her wounds clean, if not doing so the wounds woulld smell foul odor after 24 hours without proper cleaning.

This unique modern treatment for burn wounds has been developed by team of researchers from Nucleus of Research and Development of Medicines of Federal University of Ceará.

President of Burn Support Institute plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmar Maciel, is one of the coordinators of the project. He said skin fish helps in the healing process the same with topical creams but the good thing about the treatment  that it causes less stress with the patients.

Additionally, Maria said that nurses use creams on her wounds on her first day at the hospital and it was excruciating pain for her that it was like a torture. But when the doctor suggest to treat her wounds using Tilapia fish skin she found the idea strange at first, but then she took the chance and never expect the effect would that be good.

“It was a really bizarre experience. I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie when the Tilapia fish skin was being put on. At first the fish skin felt really cold but within minutes of it being laid on, I didn’t feel any more pain and it felt cool and comforting. I was really surprised and grateful that it didn’t smell either.”

Source: Human N Health