Monday, May 8, 2017

Eliminate Toxins From Your Liver, Lower Cholesterol Level And Asthma With Two Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Kidneys are the vital organ which cleanses out the toxins from your body. When it's functions are affected by the harmful substances that was accumulated in the body, your body will also be in danger.

But there are effective way you can help your kidney to cleanse and eliminate the toxins out from your body. This is a common vegetable in Philippines and UK they often called this okra, Carribean and Nigeria called this okro but most people know this as lady fingers.

This is easy to prepare, you can do boiled, fried, stewed and even pickled.


It is loaded with vitamin and minerals that is beneficial for our health including protein, vitamin C, folate and magnesium. It can aid for asthma, boosts immunity, remove diabetes, lower bad cholesterol level, cure kidney problems and reduce glucose.

Okra Water
4 Medium size Okra

- Cut the edges of okra
- Split the okra just enough opening to get the water inside the okra when you soak it in
- Put okra inside a cup of water and leave it overnight
- In another cup, squeeze the okra
- Put room temperature water in your cup and your okra water is ready to drink