Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Every Parent Should Know About This!!! A Boy Died By Simply Taking A Bath And Her Mother Blame Herself!

It's summertime!!! And most of you are surely heading to your favorite pool resorts or getting a tan in the beach along with family and your kids.

If you are a parent, you always take an extra caution for your kids because they might slip at the pool and even get drown in the water. But in this article, this is not the only thing you should be concerned of. Your kid can get drown even without water.

Maybe you are going to think that it is ridiculous, but read further below to know what are the chances that it will occur on your child. This happened to a 10 year old boy from South Carolina named "Johnny" was now dead by this tragic event.

Johnny and her mother Cassandra Jackson went to a pool resort near their home in Goose Creeek, South Carolina USA. After an exhausting day of swimming and other activities at the resort, Johnny we're so tired and Cassandra never suspected that there is something wrong with her son, she sends Johnny straight to bed to get some sleep. But later on, she check her son in his bedroom and she was terrified at what she saw.


Johnny's mouth was bubbling with white foam and he was having difficulty in breathing. Cassandra immediately rush him to the ER, however everything is too late. Doctors told her that it was a "Secondary Drowning" that fatally cause Johnny's death.

What is Secondary Drowning or also known as Dry Drowning?
This is a condition that occur within 24 or 72 hours after a patient accidentally swallowed water that filled her lungs with it and eventually causing dry drowning.

Dr. Daniel Rauch a pediatrician explained that for kids, it may occur even they are just taking bath or a simple shower. But when this happen, they actually show signs to that you should not overlooked to save someone's lives.

What are the symptoms of Dry Drowning?
  • Difficulty of breathing
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Changes in behavior
These symptoms develop when the brain gets suffocated with the reduce supply of oxygen which the lungs function is getting low because it is drowned with water.

Source: Healthy Page 4u