Friday, May 5, 2017

Five Best Exercise To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms In Just One Week

Belly fats and flabby arms are one of the most hardest part in your body to reduce the fats in them. But unlike belly fats, you can do easy exercise to get rid of them or just by drinking laxative will eliminate excess fats in your abdominal region.

Flabby arms may interfere in your clothing, because wearing sleeveless or dresses that exposes this part of your body will make you self-conscious. This will make you feel uncomfortable in public place that affects with your confidence.

You wanted a firm arms but you don't know what to do. In this article, we provide you a simple exercise that will not exhaust you but still lose those unwanted fats around your arms, and this is something you can surely do at home.

1. Arm and Leg Lift
  • Form a plank position, extent your right arm and left leg, do this simultaneously.
  • Hold for five seconds with your back straight
  • Now, do this in your left arms and right leg
  • Alternate between the opposite arms and leg


2. Rotation of arms
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart then extend your arms
  • Rotate thumb until they face upward and rotate them back so that they face forward and repeat the process
  • Do 30 reps

3. Side plank lifts
  • Do a side plank position use your elbows for your body support
  • Raise your body from the ground then extend your arms side ways/upward
  • You can do this with weight but for beginners you can do this without until you feel comfortable with this exercise.

4. Overhead Triceps Raises
  • Get in standing position and again legs slightly apart
  • Hold one dumbbell and the other hand to hold the base of your arm for support
  • Bend your arm behind your head and then extend it upward

5. Ball push-ups
  • Get in a plank position
  • Place one hand on the ball and the other hand to the ground
  • Lower yourself and do the push-ups
  • Alternate both hands after doing 5 push ups per side