Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mind Blowing Facts! 8 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

In today's society, men and women are now equal. When there are things that men do, there will always be a woman who will balance the fight and do the same things as them.

However, we cannot deny that there are still existing discrimination in both genders. But most of all, men are complaining about women attitude and complicated personality.

They complain, that they cannot completely understand woman's mind which considered to be a mystery to men. So, why and what really are the things they don't understand well about women. Guys, you should read all about these if you wanted to dully understand your girl, and impress her.

1. The Struggle of Cramps
Change of moods, cravings for foods and of course the period cramps are the things women always experience during their menstrual cycle. That feeling like someone is trying to cut and stab you on your abdominal area, and bleeding down there is something that men will never understand about women.


2. Hair Everywhere
Not because they have a deadly disease, but because they have a hair. Having a long hair or even a medium length hair will always leave a mark on your bathroom.

3. The sweet relief of taking your bra's off
Of course, men will never understand this because the fact that they don't wear bra all day long, that press your breast all together just to make it look good and suport the weight of it. The feeling of the sweat and being uncomfortable with it, is the feeling they will never know.

4. The Horror of Broken Make-ups
Ugh, there will never an instance when your make up fell on the ground and you never grasp for air hoping that it was still good and intact. Men will never understand this, for the fact that they don't know how valuable and important make-up for girls. Even when they say that they love you for who you are or you look beautiful if you don't wear make-up, still they want to glam up for any occasion and not to impress guys.

5. The stains
Stains in your cup when you drink tea or coffee, and the stains you constantly check with him if you have something on your pants when it is the time of the month.

6. The lip gloss and when the wind blows
Oh yes! Every woman should have experienced the same. The struggle of putting a lip gloss and then suddenly the wind blows. All your hair just went and stick on your lips.

7. Shampoo and the conditioner
The never ending balancing of the amount you use for shampoo and conditioner.

8. When you sneeze and suddenly the white becomes red
And yes, this is something men will not understand. When you sneeze or cough and then suddenly you feel that there has been a murder down there.