Monday, May 1, 2017

She Uses This Method Before Shampooing Her Hair And The Results Are Amazing

When we take a shower, we have that same routine over and over again, apply shampoo first, and then use conditioner as a finisher. It is already an accustomed habit for us because we consider the conditioner as a protection for our hair.

Nevertheless, in order to obtain the desired effect of voluptuous and shiny hair, this habit often failed to deliver. What we need to do is to switch the places of shampoo and conditioner and their procedure!

Yes, you read it right! Although, we are not used to it, it is what we need to do to get nice results. First apply the conditioner, and then the shampoo and the results mind blowing!

This procedure is especially best for the case of oily or thin hair. What you need to do is; wet the hair, then apply the conditioner, only on the hair roots, and only a bit on the roots, and leave it thus for 2-5 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it off and wash your hair with a shampoo.

Here is what you can expect from this reverse washing method:
· Voluminous hair
· Hydrated hair
· Healthy hair


Summertime is the best time to practice this procedure, as the hair is dried and lacking nutrients in that period, according to professionals. Likewise, this method is extremely advantageous for the quality of the hair, as nourishment can provide a deep reconstruction process of the hair.

Additionally, during the traditional method the conditioner can never be truly washed off and thus, makes your hair oily and sticky. However, this new practice will prevent this unwanted effect, as the conditioner will be completely eliminated from the deep set roots.

Moreover, you need to note that in the case of dry and damaged hair, this kind of hair washing procedure is not advisable and wash it normally instead, and do not apply to the hair roots to prevent further damage.

Also, there are special conditioners for reverse washing, and not every kind of shampoo is suitable for this kind of hair treatment.

Source:Health And Socialization