Thursday, May 18, 2017

Signs That Your Body Are Shows You Are Having Too Much Sugar In Your Body, 8 Reasons To Lessen Sugar Intake

Sugar is sweet but too much intake of this will get things bitter for your health. Sweet are delicious in it's many forms whether it's ice cream, cake, in your morning coffee and tea or in various kinds of our favorite candies.

Excessive eating or intake in large amount of sugar can result to a more serious health problems such as obesity, heart disease and the most famous disease that you can get for taking too much sugar in your body, Diabetes.

Why do we love sugar?
Sugar stimulates the chemical dopamine in the brain that makes as feel good and happy and that results to our body wanting for more sugar intake.

This is for your awareness just in case you are counting the sugar content in your meal or in your groceries. You may only know this as "sugar" but for some packages that you bought in the market it might appear as:

*Corn syrup/sweetener
*Malt syrup
*Evaporated cane juice
*Hydrolyzed starch
*Rice syrup
*High fructose corn syrup

We provide you these 8 signs that your body is telling you, when you are having to much sugar intake:

1. Fatigue or Lack of Energy
They said sugar can make you lively and energetic. However, you did not know that real truth, that sugar decreases the energy level of your body and makes you sleepy and sluggish.


2. You get sick more often
Excessive consumption of sugar has bad impacts in your immune system. Sugar mess up the activity of white blood cells. Eating too much sugar will make you vulnerable to a contagious infection and disease such as cold and flu.

3. Sugar or Carbs Cravings
Sugar can be so addictive as what mentioned above. Your body develops tolerance for sugar same as other addictions people have. The more you take sugar the more you crave for it. It occurs even if you are not hungry.

4. Weight Gain
It is given and fully understood that sugar makes you fat. Ingesting sugar, your body will first convert sugar into energy and when the sugar is no longer needed it turn to a stored fat in your body.

5. Getting more cavities
This the most common cause when you get a dental check up and having known that you have cavities because of your sugar cravings.

Sugar that lingers in your teeth will be consumed by bacteria and those bacteria's in your teeth releases some kind of acid that will cause for a tooth decay.

6. Brain Fogginess
A study was conducted and the two mice shows lower brain function after two months being fed by sugar, a diet similar to common western culture. High levels of sugar affects proteins and neurotransmitters in the brain that leads to a lesser learning capabilities and memory.

7. Skin Issues
High level of sugar in the body will block the collagen to circulate around and does it job. In result, you will experience that your skin will get saggy, wrinkles, fine lines and anything that shows rapid aging process.

8. Cancer
Internal inflammation in the body that caused by increased in insulin production can lead in the increase of production of cells in the body. Sugar helps the cancer cells to develop.

Now that you already read about the effects of too much sugar in your body. It is time to lessen the sugar intake daily and live a happy and healthy life style.

Source: Positive Med