Friday, May 5, 2017

This Are The 5 Things You Should Not Do After Eating A Meal: You Are Always Doing #3

I'm sure the feeling of being full with the food you just ate is satisfying and would make you feel sleepy. The tendency is you tend to lay down and watch movie after you eat, or you just wanted to chill and smoke cigarette.

Growing up, there must be a lot of things you might have heard from your parents and grandparents about the beliefs on things you should not do after having a meal.

You might doing things that you thought is good because of how it feels. However, this actions is a terrible habit which can result to a more harmful and serious health condition and has a huge impact on your body.

5 Things You Should Not Do After You Eat

1. Smoke
This is a common a habit especially for those people who smoke. Studies explains that one cigarette is equivalent to 10 cigarettes if you smoke right after you eat.


2. Eat Fruit
Eating fruits are healthy but not after having a meal, this can cause heartburn, burping and indigestion. The best time to eat this is before meal or with an empty stomach, because fruits contains enzymes so the are hard and takes time to digest.

3. Sleep
Sleeping after a meal can cause discomfort while sleeping and bloating. The University of Ioannina Medical School conducted a study which proves that people who wait longer time to sleep after a meal has reduce the risk of having a stroke.

4. Shower
This habit can increase the blood flow in the hands and legs and that reduce the blood flow in the stomach, in result your digestive system might get weak.

5. Drink Tea
Drinking tea after a meal may interfere in the absorption of the iron in the body. Iron deficiency can cause serious conditions including anemia, poor appetite, chest pain, pale skin, cold hands and feet, dizziness and fatigue.

So make sure to take time and wait for longer period of time after having a meal before you do this habits.