Saturday, May 6, 2017

This Drink You Consume Everyday Gives You A Higher Chance Of Getting A Heart Failure And Being Obese

Drinks supposedly quench your thirst and bring satisfaction in your throat but some does not provide benefits for health. There are certain kinds of drinks you should not consume regularly because it has bad impacts on your overall health.

Soft drinks, frizzy drinks or you can call it Cola is even more dangerous than most of you think. There must be a lot of rumors going around and you must have heard it, that Cola is unhealthy drink and consuming this only results in health problems.

But, whatever the rumors are? Whether it's healthy or unhealthy, you still drink it anyway. However, after reading this article you will not drink or pick up even a can of cola in the supermarket.

Is Soda Really Dangerous In Our Health?

One can of soda is equivalent to 30 tablespoons of sugar, which only proves that this is not good for you. Too much consumption of sugar can lead to a more serious health conditions such as obesity, arthritis, artery blockages, heart failure, hypertension and diabetes.


This is the effects minutes after you drink Soda

After 10 minutes: It provides you all the sugar you needed for the day, which is actually good for you.

After 20 minutes: In the liver, the sugar is converted into a fats.

After 40 minutes: Glucose enters the blood and results in the increase of your blood pressure and you pupils will expand.

After 50 minutes: Your body starting to produce dopamine that accelerates your heart rate.

These effects after drinking soda is not something you should ignore. Instead, share this to other people, so that they know what will be the effects of soda in their body.