Monday, May 1, 2017

This Leaf Is The Total Package! Cure Varicose Veins And Sharpen Your Memory Too With The Combination Of Another Item In Your Kitchen

 Nowadays, many people are getting sick and sick every day and acquiring all kinds of diseases and health conditions. One of these is very common and is experienced by many, and it is not a nice thing to look at – varicose veins. Around 25 percent of all adults have it. These are swollen, twisted, and enlarged veins that you can see under the skin and mostly found in the legs and forearms.

Luckily, this homemade and simple recipe can get rid of your painful varicose and leave a smooth and clean path on its wake.

· 30 grams of bay leaves.
· 250 ml of olive oil.

1. Mash bay leaves and pour olive oil over it.
2. Secure the mixture in a close tight lid and let sit in a dark and funky region for 14 days.
3. Shake the bottle from time to time.
4. After 2 weeks, squeeze the oil from the mixture using a cheese cloth.
5. Transfer the mixture into another lid.
6. Store the mixture at a room temperature.

Not only is it useful for the removal of varicose veins, this remedy also strengthens the immune system, soothe sick joints and increase brain cells. Additionally, it is also best in treating headaches, stomach aches, get rid of pimples and zits and minimize pores.