Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This Mother From The Philippines Diagnosed With Cancer After Eating This Food

Taking care of your health is important, especially nowadays which any place you go, can give you some serious deadly health conditions like cancer. No one is safe, everyone is vulnerable even you are in the comfort of your home.

Which lead this article to a mother from the Philippines who was diagnosed by a 4.66 x 4.5 brain tumor called Glioblastoma Multiforme, shared by her sister Jenna Brotonel on Facebook. They are asking for a financial help to support treatment for her sister which is a mother of twins.

In a statement she posted on Facebook that "We don't know how my sister acquired the tumor because this kind of disease is not in our genes." They we're puzzled as to where her sister get this kind of deadly disease, and even doctors concluded that it is already fell to a Brain Cancer Stage 4.

She also added that contributing factors that lead this condition to affect her sister can be the things you normally eat everyday. In her post, she encourage people to restrain eating foods like tocino, longanisa, hotdog, pancit canton or instant noodles and sugary foods including soft drinks, candies, chocolates but except with dark chocolates.

Her sister felt a simple headache at first and blurry vision and now her sister are having memory gap. They rushed her to the hospital and doctors conducted CT Scan Test and that's when they found out about the tumor, they also added that the chances of survival are low.


In line with this, nutrition plays a vital role in our health. The things that are taboo to eat are the food you always wanted to have. And people always ignore experts that warned us about this, and still continue the bad habit until they get the illness.

The additives and chemicals to those foods mentioned above are strong , and may cause cancer. This should be a warning for all of us and should raise awareness for other people to know.

This is Jenna Brotonel original post on Facebook:
"We dont know how my sister acquired the tumor because this kind of disease is not in our genes. A potential cause of this is the kinds of food she takes. Please avoid eating processed food (e.g. hotdog, longganisa, tocino, pancit canton or instant noodles) and sugary foods such as softdrinks, candies, chocolates (except dark chocolates). It started with a simple headache and blurring of vision. Then later on, my mom told me that she’s gradually having memory gap. Then they brought her in the hospital. She’s undergone CT Scan test and found out she has Glioblastoma Multiforme 4.66 x6 x4.5 in size. Some even concluded that it’s already Brain Cancer Stage 4.. and the chance of survival is low. After the surgery, she will undergo biopsy for us to know if there will be a need for chemotherapy which everyone knows is pricey. But though we are hearing several negative opinions about her situation, we are doing everything for her to live. We cant lose her. Her twins cant lose her. We cant imagine our angels being motherless. Please help us. Please be a part of her being a survivor of this merciless disease. ??????
Any amount will do epecially if it comes from your hearts.. ??
For your generous donations, the details are as follows:

BDO Bank Account details (Savings Account)
Account Name: Jenna B. Enrile
Account Number: 000661460703

*I am posting this in English language so my friends from foreign countries can also understand.

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Source: Wired Journal