Thursday, May 11, 2017

Warning!!! Sleeping Beside Your Phone At Night Can Cause Brain Damage, Here's Why?

It is proven that we cannot go anywhere without our cellphones, even when we go to sleep, our should be near or beside us. But did you know that there is a negative effects having your phone near you while you are sleeping?

Almost 44% of people around the world are constantly scrolling on their phone before they sleep or they snooze beside it and even putting it under their pillow at night. You may have a reason  for doing it, maybe you are using your phone as your alarm clock or you don't want to miss any call. However, this habit is damaging to your health.

Radiation in our cellular phone can cause brain damage. Body tissues absorbs radiation of energy to our head, and answering phone calls near your ear may cause tissue damage that may lead to cancer.


Tips to avoid getting serious disease because of cellular phones

1. Minimal usage of your phone, meaning don't check or use your phone too often especially minimize use of accepting phone calls. Radiation emission is high during phone calls, it is better if you can just text it.

2. Don't use loudspeaker mode and use earphones in phone calls. Wired earoiece can lower the amount of radiation that your body tissue absorbs.

3. Keep you phone away, especially when sleeping.

4. Turn off your phone at night. There is nothing you should be worry, you phone still work even you turn it off.