Friday, May 12, 2017

Warning! These Are The Top 10 Cancer Causing Products You Keep At Home

Cancer is one of the most harmful diseases that causes death around the world. There are modern technology treatments for cancer but it comes with much more hazardous side effects, that further damages the cells in the body.

People are constantly checking the internet of what are the things which causes cancer? or where you can get cancer from? However, they have no idea that the things that causes this illness are just around them and most especially it is inside their house.

Here are the most dangerous products in your home that causes cancer.

1. Plastic bottles and containers
Chemicals from plastic food and drink containers may contaminate the food or drinks and eventually will get into your body. BPA (Bisphenol-A) is the most dangerous chemical from plastic containers.

2. Non-stick pans and pots
This type of cookware only brings health risk but people are unaware about it. When the cellular level of pan breaks down, it releases a various toxic particles that are highly carcinogenic.

3. Commercial cleaning products
Almost all of the commercial cleaning products in the market contains chemicals that linked to asthma. Studies shows that it contains phthalates, parabens, BPA and triclosan these are all known as hormone disruptions.


4. Talcum powder
According to a study, talcum powder are proven to be the cause of lung and ovarian cancer. In recent British study conducted in 200 women showed an increased cancer risk for 20-30% of women who uses talcum powder on their private regions.

5. Artificial sweeteners
 Aspartame, sorbitol, saccharin, acesulfame K are highly dangerous artificial sweeteners. They are all linked to different types of cancer as well as other illness.

6. Mothballs
They put this in their closets without an idea that this is seriously harmful for the health. It contains naphthalene which has been related to kidney and liver damage, as well as anemia and different types of cancer.

7. Shampoo
Anti-dandruff shampoo contains mutagen or also known as methylchloroisothiazolinone, as well as ammonium laureth sulfate. They are not that dangerous unless contaminated with 1.4 dioxane during the process and is proven to be cancer causing product.

8. Deodorants and antiperspirants
There are numerous studies that reveal the negative effects of these products on your health. It have been found to increase risk of getting a cancer because of the paraben present in the products. The compound paraben has been found in breast cancer tissues.

9. Antibacterial soaps
This soaps is suppose to kill the bacteria. However, most of the antibacterial soaps such as triclosan increase the cancer risk, infertility, early puberty and disrupt the hormonal balance.

10. Air fresheners
Recent studies discovers that fumes in air fresheners contribute more harm than smoking a cigarette. It is also linked in other illness such as asthma, hormonal imbalance and cancer.