Saturday, May 20, 2017

Warning! These Parents Lose Their Son Because Of What Her Girlfriend Did To Him

Being in love is great, it can make you do some crazy stuff without even thinking about the consequences. Love-bites or hickey may consider a sign of your love for each other, but did you know about the downside of that love sign? Not for the reason that you get grounded for that from high school, read further below to help you understand the dangers of a hickey and even one true story that parents lost their son because of you thought with the innocent love-bite.

Hickeys or love-bite is an excessive sucking or biting in the skin, most common part in the body where hickey can be made are in the neck and chest where the skin are soft. Below the surface of the skin are capillaries which is small blood cells, and when you give someone a hickey with intense pressure these tiny blood cells break that causes bruising for weeks. People with Iron deficiency can easily get a hickey.

The story goes- earlier that evening Julio and his girlfriend was maybe making out and his girlfriend gave him the hickey. The sucking process in the skin caused a blood clot that traveled to his brain that leads in stroke. Doctors treated him but then it was too late and Julio died shortly.


The girlfriend disappears after The family was blaming her for the death of their son. But Julio's story is not the only one reported death that caused by hickey. Few years ago, 44-year-old woman in New Zealand was paralyzed her left arm after she experienced stroke. Doctors confirmed that the major artery in her neck was damaged
and causes her paralysis.

What happened was, the suction process of hickey had caused a blood clot to form which then traveled to the woman’s heart and cause stroke.

And, apart from the dangers of blood clots and fatal strokes, hickeys can cause swelling which can be treated with an ice-pack. Often people hide the bruises under make-up, scarfs or polo neck sweaters and turtle necks.

There's nothing wrong when you are a clingy person and you want to show you affection physically, to the person you love. But everything you should do must have caution because you don't know what will be the result of your actions. Share and raise awareness with hickey.