Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Playing Facebook Quizzes Can Lead Hackers To Steal Your Account And Identity

It is not new that people around the world are very into their mobiles, constantly checking your phone for news updates or anything else that would interest you. Especially on Facebook, there are a lot of things to find that could entertain any bored person.

While browsing on your phone in Facebook something popped up on your screen that really catches your attention. Those are participating quizzes that encourages people to play because of the funny results you can share on your account.

However, you have no idea that these quizzes are made by hackers to trick people inside social medias.

Sri Sridharan the managing director of Florida Center for Cyber-security said, that the hackers wants your identity and other informations. He also added that, “It seems harmless but you never know who’s really asking you for that information,”


Hackers connect this Facebook quizzes into your account to further trick you to click a link that you should not click and will sometime let you download a malware.

Tips To Avoid Social Media Hacking By Florida Center For Cyber-security

-Report scams through the social media sites.

-Hover over hyperlinks before you click on them, as hackers can steal your personal data.

-Open any web links from your browser independently of the social media website or you can also use a link scanner.

-Be cautious of links posted by friends that seems unusually sensational. Instead of clicking on the link, go to a trusted source and search for the story there.

-Value your email address and your login credentials.

-Be wary of internet quizzes or polls that require you to sign in or pull personal information.