Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stop Eating Instant Noodles, It Might Actually Kill You! Here's Why

Instant noodles are cheap and easy to prepare, that's why almost everyone loves it because it is very convenient to those who are busy and wants a fast meal.

For all the years that we consume this, we all heard the warnings of the dangerous content of instant noodles that may harm your if eaten constantly.

Instant noodles are preserved with chemicals that preserved a much more longer shelf life. It is good taste, but no one actually seen what happens to the noodles once inside the stomach.

Recent experiment of Dr. Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General Hospital find out what happens in the stomach and in your digestive tract once consuming an instant noodles.


He uses a small camera to get inside the stomach and the results are horrifying. The stomach contracts non-stop and back and forth, while it is grinding the instant noodles. It means that instant noodles take a lot more time to digest, when food remains in your stomach it blocks the absorption of the nutrients and in the long run of consuming such foods will be dangerous for your health.

He did a comparison, he let his subjects to eat fresh food on a different day. Then he later do the test again and put the tiny camera inside the stomach.

The test good and the stomach is grinding the food smoothly. It only shows that, eating fresh food does much better inside your stomach instead of instant noodles or anything that are chemically reserved.

Eventually, eating instant noodles constantly can damage your health from the inside.