Tuesday, June 6, 2017

These Are The Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Nearby And Trying To Contact You, You May Feel #2

Ever since we are a young kid, our parents always tells us random things when we go out to play or leave home for school. They would always tells us that your guardian angel is looking after us, and nothing bad will happen.

And these things would make us feel that we wanted to meet and see one. We know that this is impossible. However, there are things that our guardian angel are doing and are trying to contact us.

Guardian Angels are often called "the messenger". It is believed that the signs we're sent by this spiritual beings to show as a reminder of different messages, like love and support.


Sometimes we smell a beautiful fragrance and the source is unknown. The scent is of your angel, which you are not aware of.


If you come across feathers in your way, it is due to your angels. This shows that your guardian angels are guarding you and watching over you. This is, nonetheless, a powerful, strong angelic sign which shows support and love.


Now you might want to be a little more observant than the usual when it comes to noticing this very sign. If you notice a sign of an angel, this means your guardian is with you.


Sometimes we may hear a sweet, angelic sound or singing voice out of nowhere. Another clear sign that you are surrounded by angels.


This is a very common – when a baby looks up at the ceiling and smiles or when they smile while looking up in the air, it means the angels are talking to them. Pets and babies, in the presence of angels, are always at ease.


Out under the sky, one may notice shimmering lights, colors flashing and orbs – the guardian angel is showing you that they are with you.

If you feel these things around you, all you have to do is close your eyes and feel the positive energy they are trying to do. This would make you feel good and their presence make you feel certain that they are around and guides you through.

Source: Poliside.net